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Mar 22, 2013 4:30pm PDT
maturing earnings cycle. also in this environment the u.s. economy is growing more like 2% and a lot less like 4 in that environment pricing is going to be challenged and the top line sales is not going to be universal for all firms. it will be balance sheet by balance sheet and case by case. security collection becomes far more important. >> i was going to say as you point out the profit growth picture has been pretty good but we are getting at the mature point in that cycle and the forecast is about 1% or 2% overall growth. there are always ways to make more money than the index tracking would lead you to believe. where do you think the pockets of possible better than average profits would be? >> so we do like equities. when you compare that to fixed income certainly in government space so we like equities and we like global equities. it will have to be a multi asset strategy which is kind of all of the above. looking at commodities and debt and equities and looking in companies in europe. there are good companies with strong balance sheets in europe, as well. looking into russia,
Mar 21, 2013 1:00am PDT
environment is improving. shares of general mills rose more than 2.5%. and the big jump in shares of blackberry thanks to a morgan stanley upgrade. morgan stanley saying now there may be room in the smart phone market that's dominated by an droid and the iphone operating system for blackberry. the vote of confidence comes just two days before blackberry's make or break z-10 goes on sale at at&t stores. blackberry rose $16, that's a gain of almost 6.5%. >> and, suzie, one of the roadblocks to the housing recovery has been tight mortgage credit. rates may be low, but they're only good if you can get them. as we look at the spring buying season, lenders are starting to ease up. not so much on their standards, but on the types of loans they can offer. >> after being turned down for a mortgage last year, leah harris has been renting in washington, d.c. now, she is finally moving into a home of her own. >> i tried last year at about the exact same time and nothing was different than it is now. same income, same assets, pretty much everything was identical. >> in time for spring, mortgage c
Mar 26, 2013 4:30pm PDT
years might be something like 3% a yrhich isn't bad ithe current environment. that's way better than your ten-year treasury. >> we'll leave that for another conversation, but thank you so much. robert shiller, co-founder of the case shiller index and also economics professor at yale university. >> today's case shiller house price confirms why americans are once again bullish on real estate. according to the latest cnbc all-america survey, 33% believe their home prices will rise during the next year? that's up from 9% from november and it is the highest that number's been since december of 2007. 54% think home values will stay the same. only 13% think they will decrease. and while stocks and real estate look promising, gold is the preferred choice of american investors. 35% say they believe gold is their best investment. 27% of the respondents named real estate and 21% like stocks the most. >> so while most americans prefer gold, that investment hasn't paid off recently and jackie deangeles takes a look at why the precious metals is oking tarnished. many instors e wdering if the gold
Mar 20, 2013 1:00am PDT
the business environment that you'll be adding jobs this year? >> we, without 35 billion dollar investment program across the world, in in five years, over 35 billion, that's adding jobs in the world. >> how about the u.s.? >> we have invested about $10 billion in the united states. and i think, you know, there's a lot of puts and takes. there's some jobs that are not there that used to be there and there's some more jobs in the sale and front end of our system that are here now that weren't there a few years ago. >> coca-cola is big in europe. and now with these new concerns about the eurozone's economy, and the financial system what impact is this going to have on coca-cola's operations? >> yes, europe is challenged. yes, the consumer confidence is very mixed in europe. yes the entrepreneurial spirit is down in europe. yes investment is down in europe. unemployment is high. but let's not forget europe is a very rich continent. there is fre amounts of disposable income in europe, and therefore the bright side is you're in one of the most richest geographies in the world, and ca
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)